Testimonials & Reviews

Parks Redwine

Wine importer and "Dean" of American wine competitions

It works! Well! The Durand combines two very tried and proven technologies. While it will work on any cork, it is nearly essential for older corks in prized bottles.

John Pagnucco

Grand Régent, Commanderie de Bordeaux

… your vintage cork remover system has been put to a successful test … twice.  It is novel and unique, but most importantly it works!!!  Thank you!

Joel Knox

Inland Seafood

“The opener worked better than anyone thought and the old wines that were sacrificed in the name of research were magnificent.”

Don Cornutt

Dr. Feelgood on Mark Squire's Bulletin Board on eRobertParker.com

“Every time a really old cork fractures on a bottle great wine and puts small pieces in the bottle, I wish for this device. The one time I was able to use the device, I was able to remove a very old poorly conditioned cork in one piece despite a huge lateral fracture in the cork.”

Doug Bryant Maître

Atlanta Chapter Commanderie De Bordeaux

“I found the Durand to be great help when opening older bottles of wine. I would recommend it to any serious oenophile.”

Michael McNeill

MS (Master Sommellier) and Director of Wine Education, Quality Wine & Spirits

“I am drafting an endorsement letter to send out to all my contacts describing the effectiveness of the Durand!”

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