The Durand

See The Durand in Action!

The Durand is a newly patented device that is amazingly effective in removing older and fragile wine bottle corks whole and undamaged. Designed by a prominent wine collector, and named for a mentor and world renowned sommelier, it has been repeatedly tested on the most challenging corks. It has worked without fail. As with other wine lovers, you too will value a Durand whenever opening your most treasured older wines. {read more}

the durand proves its mettle

We were in Atlanta last weekend and a number of the lucky recipients of Durands were discussing how well they work. I mentioned some old ’70′s vintage California wines, and even some ’82 Bordeaux that benefitted from using it. Couldn’t have done it without one.

Also, used it on a 1974 Phelps California Cab last week and it saved the day as well as the bottle.

Wm. J. Wortman, Jr., M.D. Vice Echanson des Etats-Unis Chaine des Rotisseurs and Societe Mondiale du Vin

It works. Well The Durand combines two very tried and proven technologies. While it will work on any cork, it is nearly essential for older corks in prized bottles.

Parks Redwine Wine importer and "Dean" of American wine competitions
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