Testimonials & Reviews

Luke A. Faber

Wine Collector
San Luis Obispo, California

I keep giving them to my friends.  They are all wine collectors with older established cellars.  The Durand is the best thing that ever happened to vintage wine!


Wine Collector, Copenhagen

I tried The Durand over the weekend and it worked perfectly in a bottle of Chateau Palmer 1921, the corked was soaked all the way through, but still managed to get it out in one piece…and the wine was outstanding, so a great debut for my Durand!

Jason Caballero

Advanced Sommelier (Court of Master Sommeliers)
Lead Sommelier Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak

The Durand is invaluable! As a floor sommelier with some older offerings, I haven’t had any corks disintegrate from usage of the Durand, even some real mules which are notorious for making cork dust (50’s Bordeaux, late 60’s Napa) Thanks for the great product!

Andy Bridge

Connétable, Sous-Commanderie d'Indianapolis, Confrérie des Chevaliers du Tastevin and old wine drinker

I’m a proud owner of The Durand, and have given a few away as gifts–always well received. I most recently opened a bottle of 1947 Lafite–the cork flawlessly extracted by The Durand! “

David Hamburger

Director of Special Events, Acker Merrall & Condit

There is no question that The Durand is the only tool to use for opening older wines. You guys definitely need one!

AJ McClellan

Owner of Roots and Water Fine Wines

It has been the most valuable wine tool I have ever used…  The Durand has been so valuable I hope everyone gets one and enjoys it…

Jack Rubyn

Chairman, International Wine & Food Society
Haskell Norman Branch, Marin County California

I have opened hundreds of bottles flawlessly with The Durand. Typical issues of problem cork removal are eliminated with The Durand’s unique ability to stabilize the cork during extraction, eliminating side tension, the primary cause of cork fracture and breakage.  It is a “must-have” tool for the wine enthusiast and Sommelier to avoid cork removal issues.

I give The Durand my highest recommendation.  

Charles Curtis

Master of Wine

My advice is to keep your Durand handy when you want to make absolutely positive that the cork comes out clean.  For my 50th birthday, we had a serious line-up, and The Durand helped us open every one without an issue.  Spectacular performance, spectacular wines. The most venerable of them:  Saint-Julien 1920, Château Gruaud Larose, Saint-Julien 1924, Château Léoville-Las Cases, Pauillac 1924, Château Pontet Canet.

Mannie Berk

President, The Rare Wine Co.

The Durand corkscrew is the greatest discovery since the cork itself.

John Hames

Executive Director, American Wine Society

At the American Wine Society National Conference Nov. 7-9, we had a vertical tasting of Faustino Gran Reserva Rioja back to 1964. The presenter brought his Durand and it opened the ’64, ’70, ’82 and ’00 Faustino’s without a single broken cork. The picture shows him holding the unbroken cork from the ’64 with The Durand nearby.  (Picture in Gallery)

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