The Durand In The News

Jancis Robinson- 2017 Financial Times

There is an art to pulling an old cork, which is far more fragile than its modern counterpart.  Paulo Pong therefore used The Durand corkscrew, which is specially designed for old and fragile wines. Click the title above to visit

Eric Asimov – 2013 New York Times Gift Guide

No moment produces as much anxiety for wine lovers as pulling a cork on a precious old bottle.  A cracked, deteriorated cork can crumble into the wine, marring what should be a joyous moment.  Enter the Durand, an ingenious device constructed specifically for older bottles: It can remove even the most fragile corks without incident. …Read More

Owen Dugan – Wine Spectator

Whenever you extract a cork from an old bottle, there’s always the danger of the cork breaking or falling into the wine.  Serious sommeliers and collectors have various tricks for preventing this from happening, and one of the best is to twist in a traditional corkscrew to keep the cork in one piece, and then…Read More

Jeff Kellogg – 2016 Wall Street Journal Magazine

The tool which is essential to my job is my Durand corkscrew.   We open so much older wine; it saves me an incredible amount of time in not breaking corks.

Jim Rink – AWS Wine Journal

The Durand is a Michigan railroad history museum, a line of demarcation in Afghanistan, and a newly patented device that is amazingly effective in removing older and fragile wine bottle corks whole and undamaged. Designed by a prominent wine collector, and named after world-renowned Sommelier Yves Durand, it has been “repeatedly tested on the most…Read More

David Nathan Maister – Finest and Rarest Newsletter

I was recently introduced to a new patented device specifically designed to tackle vintage corks – I’m so impressed with it that I now use it almost to the exclusions of all other corkscrews and openers.  We’ve never previously recommended any particular type of corkscrew, but I believe this is an absolutely essential tool for…Read More

Antonio Galloni – Vinous 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

The Durand brings together elements of the traditional corkscrew and the Ah-so. It is an absolute essential for anyone who enjoys opening and drinking older wines. The Durand is simply a must-have.

Jan-Erik Paulson – Rare-Wine

Removing an old and brittle cork can be a frustrating work as it tends to crumble and break into pieces. In the past this was something I accepted and found my decanting funnel with a net useful for stopping pieces of cork joining the wine in the decanter. This now seems to be a thing…Read More

Benjamin Herzog – Vinum

Gerontologie Dieses wundersame Gerät löst das wohl grösste Problem von Altweinliebhabern: Mit dem «Durand» können Weine mit alten Korken problemlos geöffnet werden, wirklich! Kein Abbrechen oder Zerbröseln der Korken mehr. Weinautor und Altweinspezialist Sigi Hiss, der in VINUM 6/2011 alte Jahrgänge aus dem einstigen Zarengut Massandra degustiert hat, testete diesen Korkenzieher für Härtefälle. Über acht…Read More

Philippe Margot – Art & Wine

The Durand for a Dominus 1992. The Announced test was absolutely perfect – Congratulations! French description: Le mecanisme est facile d’utilisatioin.  L’extraction se fait sans effort, de maniere parfaite.  Le bouchon etait d’une grande fragilite.  Il s’est partage en 2 en le sortant due Durand et n’aurait jamais supporte l’extraction au tire-bouchon classique a vrille.  Le…Read More

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