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Glenn Tong – New Record

Hello Mark and Yves,

I thought you might be interested in a recent experience.   I have now broken my personal best record for the Durand, the previous record being a 1923 Pommard.  The Durand has now, in a perfectly elegant and thorough manner, extracted a totally emaciated and crumbly cork out of a bottle of 1922 Usaneaux Romanee St. Vivant.  The cork was in such bad shape that, as I was gently and slowly pulling it out with the Durand, it suddenly “flew” out of the bottle and I was surprised that it remained intact.  There was not one single cork fragment left behind and the wine was superb, amazingly powerful, intense, sweet and spicy with an amazingly long finish.  Without the Durand, we would probably have gotten the same experience, but only after 20 minutes of trying to fish many cork fragments out of the wine which would have seriously compromised the pleasure!

Hope you are doing well down here because I use my Durand all the time and it has been a wonderful tool.

Best regards,

Dr. Glenn Tong FAICD
Director and Principal
BiotechSmarts Pty. Ltd.

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