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Roy Hersh: “The greatest new corkscrew for Port lovers?”

Roy Hersh, on, posted the following:

A friend of mine, Don Cornutt, took photos of The Durand, a not-yet-on-the-market product developed by [Mark Taylor and named to honor] Yves Durand. It is a combination cork screw and Ah-So which was developed by a serious wine lover because he had not found anything to adequately remove his old and long corks from his favorite bottles.

I will be testing this product over the next few weeks and will report back, but if it works half as good as it looks like it should, I think we may all have a great new tool for those ancient bottles of Vintage Port we always struggle with.

Whether ripping the center core out of an old moist cork, using an Ah-So and having a loose cork fall in the bottle … I have never yet found the perfect device for VP corks. Have a look at these photos and let me know what you think:

Please share your thought on the Durand here, as well. Thanks!

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