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Jim Rink – AWS Wine Journal

The Durand is a Michigan railroad history museum, a line of demarcation in Afghanistan, and a newly patented device that is amazingly effective in removing older and fragile wine bottle corks whole and undamaged. Designed by a prominent wine collector, and named after world-renowned Sommelier Yves Durand, it has been “repeatedly tested on the most challenging corks.”

Mark Taylor, a wine collector known for outstanding vertical tastings, developed and produced the Durand, after struggling with difficulties in opening some older wines. The Durand is a fully patented and surprisingly simple two-part device that permits the user to successfully remove older and fragile wine bottle corks whole and intact.

The Durand has been tested and used with great success by numerous wine lovers, collectors and locally and internationally known sommeliers. Before the Durand, most corks, old and new, were removed from wine bottles using two or three basic methods, with mixed results.

“In March of 2009, I served as M.C. at a superb wine savoring of six old Clarets followed by six old Burgundies. Not one cork broke or crumbled. It was a remarkable experience. I believe any serious oenophile should own a Durand,” said the product’s namesake Yves Durand, voted best sommelier in America in 1985. 

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