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Phillippe Margot, Wine Dictionary

Accueil / Encyclopédie Vinissime / Tire-bouchon Durand Définition : Tire-bouchon Durand Encyclopédie de la Vigne, du Vin et des Alcools Le Durand est un tire-bouchon bilame + mèche, breveté en 2009 qui est incroyablement efficace pour extraire les bouchons de liège, âgés et fragiles. Conçu par un collectionneur de vin de premier plan, Mark Taylor,…Read More

Durand the best corkscrew …

From Durand the “best corkscrew to remove old and fragile corks in vintage wine bottles” Wine collectors know all too well the challenge of removing old and crumbly corks in aging fine wine bottles. Even with the best corkscrews, it is never easy to completely remove the corks in one piece. This calls for…Read More

Glenn Tong – New Record

Hello Mark and Yves, I thought you might be interested in a recent experience.   I have now broken my personal best record for the Durand, the previous record being a 1923 Pommard.  The Durand has now, in a perfectly elegant and thorough manner, extracted a totally emaciated and crumbly cork out of a bottle of 1922…Read More

Roy Hersh – For the Love of Port

Over the past few weeks, I have used the Durand, a brilliantly designed device, for extracting the most challenging of corks.  I have put it through several difficult tasks, from old magnums to young and old Vintage Ports to a crusty old and potentially crumbly Madeira cork and a slew of other bottles. I found the Durand easy to…Read More

Stuart Finestone – Success

Mark, I have never liked or had any success using a twin prong cork pull …… until I used the Durand. My 65th birthday was November 23rd. My children came to town to celebrate with us. I was opening a ’61 Cantemerle, but the cork began to crumble. I then took out the Durand and…Read More

Roy Hersh – “I love this device!”

I realize it is late, but I stay up and frequently converse with Portugal at this time, as people are just getting into work. Anyway, tonight I have a Port & Douro wine proprietor coming to dinner at my home. I’ve never met her before or been to the property, yet she reached out and…Read More

Hoyt Hill – Village Wines

Dear Joel, A friend of mine brought this wine tool to lunch one day this month when we were going to be opening several farily old bottles of wine, and I have been trying to track down a source for it ever since. Well, here it is, it combines the best qualities of a waiter’s…Read More

Glenn Tong, Ph.D., FAICD Director and Principal BiotechSmarts Consulting

“We tried out the Durand on a bottle of 1971 Camus Mazoyeres Chambertin last night. The wine was excellent, with amazingly intense and elegant sweet fruit and plenty of complexity and length. What would be of more interest to you though is that without the Durand, I would have spent about 15 minutes mucking around…Read More

Parks Redwine – wine importer and “Dean” of American wine competitions

It works well. The Durand combines two very tried and proven technologies. While it will work on any cork, it is nearly essential for older corks in prized bottles.

Roy Hersh: “The greatest new corkscrew for Port lovers?”

Roy Hersh, on, posted the following: A friend of mine, Don Cornutt, took photos of The Durand, a not-yet-on-the-market product developed by [Mark Taylor and named to honor] Yves Durand. It is a combination cork screw and Ah-So which was developed by a serious wine lover because he had not found anything to adequately…Read More

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